Nintendo Promises to Probe Frame Rate and Joy-Con Issues of Switch

The frame-rate issue appears to be receiving a fix sooner, while the Joy-Con issues still require closer analysis according to Nintendo

Every new console arriving in the market should be arriving with its own flaws.Sorry Microsoft and Sony, that’s how it works here. And Nintendo’s Switch console was no different either. The switchable console was susceptible to more than a couple of ‘serious’ flaws. Thankfully, Nintendo is already working upon the fixes for them.

One issue that made the gameplay irritating was the frame-rate drop issue. Apparently, the reason for this has been now associated with the WiFi hunt of the device which takes place in the background. The auto-connect feature has been found to be hitting the CPU load subsequently resulting in the drop of frame-rate of whatever game that’s running.

Nintendo is already aware of the issue according to an anonymous developer, and they have been working on a fix that will be included in the upcoming firmware update for the Switch. Until then, players can try turning off the Auto-Connect feature or put their console in flight mode to get rid of the frame-rate drop. Keep in mind that those won’t be working if having your console docked.

Apart from that, several users have also reported an issue with the Joy-Con, particulary with the left one that possess a connection issue when undocked. There shouldn’t be trouble connecting them when the Joy-Con is physically attached to the Switch. The reason for this is bit more complicated.

As with the solution, Nintendo is still seeking its customers about more info on the Joy-Con issues, and it will be working on a solution only after they feel sufficient details have been obtained from the customers.

That’s more like saying that the company doesn’t have a single employee to be assigned with the task of testing those, despite receiving reports from multiple users. That also diminutes the chances of having a fix for the Joy-Con included in the next patch. We hope they readily manages to find the right solution.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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