There’s a Battle Royale Game Shaping up For Virtual Reality

Virtual Battlegrounds from Oneiric Entertainment will bring the Battle Royale to the VR platform including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

PlayerUnknown Battleground laid the path for Battle Royale. Now it’s up for the rest to follow it or come up with even more. A studio called Oneiric Entertainment has decided to stick with the latter.

A new game has now been announced by Oneiric Entertainment that will feature Battle Royale in a virtual reality platform. The announcement was made by studio’s creative director Sean Pinnock, who has also revealed to us the glimpses of what it would be like, through a gameplay trailer.

From the glimpses, we can assume that there would be much you can do in this game to get engrossed in the VR experience. From parachuting out of a plane to driving vehicles, Virtual Battlegrounds looks to be bringing forward every element you expect to enjoy in a Battle Royale VR.

The gameplay might look unpolished right now, but it’s still very early in development. Oneiric Entertainment is planning to release the game only by 2018. So there’s still ample time available for the developers to refine it and rope in more.

The studio is currently taking signups for Early Alpha players. As of now, only 16 players can take part in the game, but that’s considering the relatively small player base of VR headsets. Indeed, we can expect that to be expanded when the game gets more popular among the community.

Pinnock has highlighted that the motive for the game was driven by the community, with its idea being planted based on one of the posts made on Reddit by the studio. So we can expect more changes as requested by the community before it heads out in its final form.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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