Xbox Brand More Cool than PlayStation, Say Teens

Sony’s PlayStation might have some upper hand over Microsoft’s Xbox in various departments, but it still lacks the ‘coolness’ to charm teens, says a Google study

Microsoft’s Xbox is a cooler brand among teens, says a study carried out by tech behemoth Google.

The survey, which provides a glimpse into the world of teens through the lens of what they find cools places Xbox brand on fourth spot in the list of brands considered cool. Sony’s PlayStation is only the seventh coolest brand as per the list.

This is however in the case of teens of age 13-17, and among millennials in between 18 and 25, the preference is just the reverse. Nintendo is however less cooler brand than both Xbox and PlayStation in both categories.

The top coolest brand was Google’s own video streaming service, YouTube, and it was followed by Netflix and Google itself at No.2 and No.3 respectively.

The study also highlights the interest of ‘GenZ’ in gaming, which is not just invoked by its story-lines and ability to escape to a virtual reality, but also for the ability of video games to connect with friends. The popular game among teens according to the study are The Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty Black Ops, Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Minecraft and Counter Strike GO.

The study also points out the coolest brand among teens in various departments including beauty, clothes, fashion, social media, technology, etc. You can find it here



Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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