Xbox Chief Playtests His First Games on Project Scorpio

Xbox boss Phil Spencer continues to tease the arrival of Xbox One Project Scorpio by revealing his first gaming experience on the upgraded console

Phil Spencer is someone who loves to tease a lot. While he had earlier admitted that he wasn’t sure if Project Scorpio would make its appearance by E3, there were speculations that the admission was rather to pull out a more surprise launch during the event. We believe that to be appearing true with the way the developments are taking place at Xbox studio.

The Xbox head honcho has just revealed that he had his first gaming experience with Project Scorpio, affirming that the upgraded console is now in the playable state. The revelation was made through Twitter, adding that everything appeared to be great in the playtest.

When asked if if there was anything that stood out, Phil replied that he was able to witness the fidelity on screen alongside feeling the gameplay. That indeed sounds promising. There was nothing else revealed, which is not surprising; Spencer is someone who always play card close to his chest.

At least we have it confirmed that Project Scorpio is in a playable state now. Seemingly, Microsoft shouldn’t be having any big trouble in launching the mid-generation console this year. It also appears more likely that there will be more revelations coming out by E3, even if we won’t have the chance to witness Project Scorpio during the event.


Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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