Microsoft Launches New Color Variants of Xbox Controller

Microsoft’s  first-party Xbox controller has now got two more colors added to its already-rich list of color variants; a subdued red color, and a Green/Orange combo

Microsoft introduced the Xbox Design Lab last June to fulfill the wish of many gamers; to have their Xbox Controller customized with colors of their choice. Over 8 million customization are available in the design lab, but there are still users who prefer to go the conventional way, i.e. by staying off the Design Labs.

Liking for the authentic color combination from Xbox is one reason, while others stay reluctant to shell out extra $20 for the customization. Be it whatever, if you are one among that batch, then Microsoft is having some good news. Xbox One’s first-party controller list has now got two more colors added to its already-rich list; Red and Green/Orange.

A quick glance at the controller doesn’t makes you feel like those are the apt names. That’s because the shades appears to be rather the dried versions of the mentioned colors.

But it’s still a good addition. The green one can excite you if you are a fan of army green, and the orange garnishing is like a cherry on top of the cake. The controller will be available on Microsoft Store and Walmart from January 24th in US. It will be hitting markets outside US a week later, on January 31.

As with the other color variant, it appears like a Gears of War 4 edition controller sans the logo. The one is already available on Microsoft Store and Gamestop, that’s if you are in U.S. For the rest of the world, the controller will be arriving through select retailers. Both the controllers are priced at $65, and as like every other Xbox controller variants, these ones too will be compatible with Windows 10 and Samsung Gear VR.





Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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