Microsoft Airs New Xbox One X Commercial as Launch Date Closes in

Xbox One X, the new addition to Microsoft’s console family, will be arriving in a fortnight from now, ahead of which Microsoft is upping the heat now.

Much has been talked about Xbox One X. Quelling those, the console is now prepping up for its launch in just over a fortnight from now. Ahead of that, Microsoft is upping the anticipation by airing a new commercial of the upcoming console.

The commercial, part of the ‘Feel True Power’ campaign for Xbox One airs with the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead and Sunday Night Football. If at all, what Microsoft wants to pinpoint is that the Xbox One X will be the most powerful console.

With this, Microsoft is kicking off the ‘Feel True Power’ campaign, which is designed to appeal to all gamers and take them on an ‘emotional roller coaster to elicit emotions like awe, excitement, fear, and passion.’ Catch the commercial below

Needless to that Xbox One X comes with much power over any of its previous console. But the claims are that it will be up to 40% more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro console from Sony. Indeed, it will also be offering 4K support if pairing it up with compatible TV.

Microsoft has earlier revealed that it’s more powerful console will not be replacing the Xbox One S that was launched earlier. Instead, the two will go side-by-side on markets, catering different target of users as believed by Microsoft. As with the formerly released Xbox One S games, those can be played on Xbox One console.

Xbox One X console will be launching on November 7 and is priced at $500 in the US.

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Author: Akhil Unnikrishnan

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