Xing Shows Teaser Trailer with Astounding Music and Background Effects

Indie games have come a long way with many popular titles like Dear Esther, Myst and Proteus gathering a vast following. Now a new game called Xing is amassing huge publicity with its teaser trailer wandering on the web.

This is an atmospheric first person exploration adventure game designed by college students, John Torkington and Kevin Kruer, who are specializing in music composition and art respectively. This walk-around game has many similarities with the Myst and can be compared with Dear Esther.

This game features a player who wakes up after crash-landing his spacecraft on a mysterious island, covered in ruins and statues left by a foreign civilization. Dear Esther also had some similar scenarios that titillated many gamers all over the world.

When walking around the caves which are located around the island, players are teleported to the Xing land. This mysterious land features floating islands and weird but mind-blowing architecture.

This is the place where the players can learn about the vanished society. The game is more like Myst than Dear Esther in that players must solve puzzles to move forward.

All players should possess puzzle solving capabilities to strive across this spooky land. There is no fixed release date for Xing announced as of now.

But the teaser trailer is showing off some of the music and visuals that are really gorgeous. In a year where E3 had certainly disappointed most of the gamers, this game stands as a precursor to future generation graphics.



Author: Vishnudas Nandan

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